Top-quality air conditioning parts in Jamaica


T & T Auto Coolers LTD specialises in auto air conditioning parts. Following are the various air conditioning parts we offer:

Automobile engine part

A/C Compressors

Your car’s air conditioning unit works under precision to cool down the heat that settles within the cabin while driving under intensely hot days. To provide refreshingly cool air inside your ride, your engine A/C compressor is subject to intense heat and pressure to cool down the refrigerant and vent out cool air. Due to the nature of the part’s functionality, it needs to be routinely checked so as not to compromise the functionality of other working A/C system components.

Automobile AC part

Receiver Driers

The process of maintaining the proper ventilation inside your car is the primary responsibility of the air conditioning system. One of the essential parts of your car’s air conditioning system is the A/C receiver drier. Typically located between the evaporator and the condenser, this component acts as a system drier. After the A/C condenser releases the refrigerant, it immediately goes to the A/C receiver drier wherein the liquid and gas are separated, and the dirt and moisture are removed.

Car cooling fan

Cooling Fans

A troubleshooting cooling fan can overheat your car’s engine, which can further lead to a poor auto air conditioner performance. So it is important that the cooling fan in your engine cooling system is in excellent condition. If you suspect that your cooling fan may be having issues, we can diagnose it. If there is a busted cooling fan in the system, we can install a replacement immediately. Looking for top-quality cooling fans? You don’t have to look far.

Air condenser

Evaporator & Condenser

All air conditioning systems contain at least two heat exchangers, usually called the evaporator and the condenser. In either case, evaporator or condenser, the refrigerant flows into the heat exchanger and transfers heat, either gaining or releasing it to the cooling medium. Commonly, the cooling medium is air or water. In the case of the condenser, the hot, high-pressure refrigerant gas must be condensed to a subcooled liquid. Need evaporator or condenser, look no further.

Automobile hoses

Air Conditioning Hoses

Need a compatible air conditioning hose for your car? T&T Auto Cooler Ltd. can provide you with excellent quality hoses and fittings for your vehicle’s air conditioner. Our auto air conditioning hoses come with a barrier construction. If there is a failing hose in your a/c, we can immediately replace your worn-out hose to restore the quality performance of your air conditioning system. We can also repair a hose easily if it is just a leaking rubber hose.